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FOCUS, Communication Tips, and Creative Activities for Kids with ADHD

It’s Time to Think Differently About Homeschooling I first connected with Nicole when she shared a mnemonic with me: “Follow One Course Until Successful. FOCUS. My son deals with severe ADHD and ADD. He can lose attention on a task in a split second and it often takes time to get him back on track.

Reimaging Celebrations (with a Healthy Spin)

For a lot of us, the words “Let’s celebrate!” automagically conjure up thoughts of junk food, alcohol, and other unhealthy things. I asked my social network: Here’s what they said: “So my husband and I talk about this all time. A beautiful meal out at a restaurant we’ve been wanting to try (doesn’t have to

5 Resources for Helping Kids Understand Their Brains and Emotions

It’s Time To Think Differently About Homeschooling #1 Watch No Drama Discipline for invaluable tips on addressing unwanted behaviors and what discipline is intended to be about: teaching and learning. #2 The Hand Model — Here’s a model that kids can understand and speak to you about. #3 Reason Goes Out the Window — Refer to this article to

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